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Hey! Welcome to my website, I am so glad that you found me.

I am Michele Fife and I am an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor and Ayurvedic Yoga therapist. It is my goal and intention to help you to achieve your personal wellness goals and find better health in natural living.


I have studied and been trained in a variety of disciplines of Yoga including;

I also have studied and hold specialty certifications in Ayurvedic Yoga and am an Ayurvedic Practitioner.


Ayurveda is considered by many scholars to be the oldest system of medicine, dating back some 5000 years and giving birth to both the classical Chinese system of medicine as well as Western medicine. The word Ayurveda translates to "Life knowledge or wisdom". Its basic principles teach us to prevent illness first and foremost by maintaining balance in the body and mind through correct diet and lifestyle. Ayurveda can also be used to treat and relieve the symptoms of many diseases and even slow the aging process.

To practice Ayurveda is to live in balance with nature. I would love to help you to learn more about Your true nature and what Ayurveda can do for you. Schedule your appointment today!


What can I say about Yoga that you don't already know? It has become so popular and westernized since I first became aware of the practice sometime around 1990. Although people generally first adopt the practice as a stretching routine or even another form of workout, there is a lot more to be gained here. The benefits of a regular Yoga practice are slow building and then long lasting. It builds upon itself until you might say that you are living Yoga. :) One good thing leads to another and another and so on, at least that is the plan here. But truly, once you notice the differences in first your body and then perhaps also your mind, the stress begins to melt away. The worries that cloud the mind dissipate and everything around you becomes much clearer. Its about making time and taking time, for your Self. I would love to show you how.

My credentials include: