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Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist

Originally, Yoga was practiced between one teacher and one student to target and alleviate suffering. My goal is to design an individual therapeutic yoga experience that meets the needs of the student. Working in a private setting allows me the space and time to devote all of my attention to your personal needs and goals. Whether you are seeking to better your physical and emotional health, address an illness, or working to overcome an injury, private therapeutic yoga can help you to achieve a new sense of self and balance to your life.

Online class schedule

Everything you need for online classes is right here!

  1. Create an account on Muvyu
  2. Go to Michele's profile, click on the date of the class in the Availability calendar, then click the class name and time. Click "Book" to register for the class.
  3. You can pay by credit card, or if you have an unlimited package you can contact Michele for a promo code to join.

Pricing for private instruction

$110 - single session
$360 - 4 sessions (19% discount)
$680 - 8 sessions (23% discount)
additional person - $25/session

Contact Michele for scheduling your appointment, or for offsite availability and rates.